What is JKA Karate?

01 April 2021

JKA Karate is not an ideology or a creed, but it does promote moral guidelines aiming to the development of a gentleman-warrior. 

JKA Karate is not a sport (as winning medals or overwhelming opponents is not THE goal) – but rather winning our own limitations and our ego.

In Sport, the emphasis is on the strong body, in JKA Karate-do the emphasis is on the mind.

In Sport the emphasis is on hitting first; In JKA Karate-Do the emphasis is on delivering the last hit (finishing the fight).

JKA Karate is a physical art based on BUDO, which in Japanese means martial path or way. The concept of BUDO is actually one of ending violence.Budo

One has the option to walk out of a fight only when one is truly able to defend oneself.

JKA Karate has been technically refined so as to seem simple and effortless.

Our style is known for its powerful no-nonsense techniques which cover the short, medium and long range.

While ‘simple’ straight techniques seem to be favoured at the beginner’s stage, round techniques are abundant and very important.

Focus (KIME), relaxation and full body synchronization are the main goals in training.

Excellence of technique (finishing blow quality), timing and distance are the means of action.

JKA Karate study is normally divided in 3 parts:

KihonKata and Kumite, one part complementing and leading into the other.

Kihon is the polishing to perfection of one’s movements

Kata are collections of techniques representing fundamental principles of response to an attack. Through Kata one is able to study self defence, breathing, body dynamics and many other important physical and psychological elements. Different Kata teach different aspects of the art.

Kumite is the actual engagement with a training partner. Kumite teaches timing, intention, and other mental aspects which cannot be trained with Kihon or with Kata.

All the blows are aimed and focused at a distance from the training partner.

Accidents are very rare, much less than in mainstream sports. The reason being that training practice is careful and deliberate


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人格 完成に 努める こと
hitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomeru koto
Exert yourself in the perfection of character