JKA Europe Seminar in Vilvoorde, Belgium

18 November 2019

On the weekend of the 15th to 17th November 2019, JKA Malta Instructors and Karateka attended the JKA Europe Seminar hosted in Vilvoorde, by JKA Belgium and JKA Europe, for the first time as a group. In this prestigious seminar, which occurs once every two years, JKA karate-ka from all European countries are given the opportunity to train and grade together for higher Dan rankings and for International Qualifications.

Massive thank you and well done to JKA Belgium for hosting such an informative and intense training seminar. Our young female presence was definitely noticed as the girls were repeatedly asked to assist with demonstrations during the sessions. Our JKA Malta instructors noted that the level of karate training was higher than expected, and it was very nice to meet up with friends from all around Europe, sharing the same passion for JKA Karate. 

Check out the gallery for some photos taken during this weekend of training with our foreign friends at the JKA Europe Seminar. 

Finally, the JKA Malta Committee wishes to congratulate two of our members for achieving their Dan grading, awarded by Bura Sensei (Chief Instructor of JKA Europe and JKA Denmark, 8th Dan JKA) and Gneo Sensei (Chief-Instructor to JKA Belgium and Administrative Director of JKA Europe, 8th Dan JKA)


Yondan (4th Dan JKA)

  • Sensei Etienne Ceci Bonello

Nidan (2nd Dan JKA)

  • Vincent Mizzi 


Great performances guys

Well done to all our european friends for passing their respective dan grading and qualification exams.



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