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Dear ALL,

Summer is back, and with the smouldering heat comes a very important training landmark:

The JKA-MALTA Summer Course 2014

 Here is the TIME TABLE:

THURSDAY 10th JULYFrom  7.00 P.M.To 9.00 P.M.Ta’ GiorniMixed Session
FRIDAY 11th JULYFrom  7.00 P.M.To 9.00 P.M.Ta’ GiorniFrom 7th Kyu
SATURDAY 12th JULYFrom  2.30 P.M.To 5.00 P.M.Ta’ GiorniMixed Session
SUNDAY 13th JULYFrom  10.00 A.M.To 1.00 P.M.Ta’ GiorniMixed Session
---From  1,00 P.M.---Ta’ GiorniKyu Grading

Come and hone your Karate skills.

Sensei Roy Tomlin (6th Dan JKA, Senior Instructor, National Coach, Examiner and Judge for JKA England) will surely put everybody through their paces!

Roy Tomlin Sensei

Your attendance and support is very important to Your Association.

See you all there...




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