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JKA MALTA international Gasshuku 2019

JKA-Malta is glad to invite you to the 2019 Malta Gasshuku!

We are going to hold the Gasshuku from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th OCTOBER 2019.

The Gasshuku will by directed by Geir Larsen Sensei (7th Dan JKA, JKA-Norway's Chief Instructor), Roy Tomlin Sensei MBE (6th Dan JKA, JKA-England's Coach) and Dario Chircop Sensei (5th Dan JKA, JKA-Malta's Chief Instructor).

JKA-Malta has been organising this annual Gasshuku for quite some time. Throughout the years we have had very positive feedback about the genuine passion for JKA-Karate, the attention to detail, the expertise and the communication skills of the instructors.

We do hope that even this year's Gasshuku, will leave you not only with nice memories, but also with some technical skills and ideas for your personal Karate journey...



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